Day trip to Baguio {a giveaway!}

 The travel photo diary continues.

We went to a 3 day car trip to northern Luzon. My hometown is in the big island Luzon. The northernmost part of Luzon I have ever been was Vigan City (post to come). On our way back down, we stopped by Baguio City.

Baguio City is called the summer capital of the Philippines. It's a city on a plateau (up in the mountains). Temps dipped down to the high 50s low 60s. That feels good in the Philippines.

we went shopping for treats, veggies and fruit. We also stopped by Burnham Park. It was very crowded because it was a Sunday. Baguio city, I heard, is pretty crowded now no matter what day. But weekends are the worst... and unfortunately, not as clean as I remember.
 ^look at all the veggies!
Glad we stopped by the scenic lookout.
That's the Baguio City I remember as I child. The view, the mountains, all so green and clean.  

^ manmade pond at Burham Park 

^fresh fruits for sale

Reason for going out of order on my travel diary is this GIVEAWAY!!!
I thank my friend and colleague, Noelle for sponsoring this giveaway. She is giving away a Carly dress (one I am wearing above). I chose this dress because it's comfy during pregnancy. Perk -- it is nonmaternity! So I can still wear it postpartum.

Enter the rafflecopter below.You have until midnight March 16th to enter. Spread the word.  I hope you win.

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  1. Love that Carly! I just discovered LLR at the end of my last pregnancy and now have an embarrassing number of clothes from them ��

    1. And I'm on the lookout for a spring-y floral Carly :)

  2. Looks like such a fun trip! And love the dress! :)

  3. Love reading the recaps of your trip!!
    I just got my first LLR dress a few weeks ago and would love to try a Carly. :) I think I'd go for either solid or floral.

  4. Anonymous3/10/2017

    I have several Carly's and it's a favorite lularoe style for me! If I win I would want either a floral one or I've been eyeing a tie dye Carly!

  5. I love the florals, especially since it is almost Spring. (:


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