guess who is back? + quick recap

maxi dress, F21
lace crop top, BR
iphone case, KSNY, exact one
heels, Franco Sarto, more here


Am I really back for real? we just have to see.
It's great to log in on blogger and type something for once... instead of just posting photos on ig with 500 character captions. (#miniblog?)
I started blogging about my Vancouver trip using my iPad. However, I could not figure out how to resize my photos... 2-3 MB per photo -- that's  lot of photo storage. I want to share the trip memories here.
As for life updates, lots of things have happened....
Hubs and I went to see The Three Musketeers, spent our 10 year anniversary at the Outer Banks and professional photos taken (yay!)

We celebrated our actual anniversary as a family dinner date. (no regrets!)
We went to a lovely wedding and I got to wear a beautiful dress.
Then I blinked and I was in Vancouver, thousands of miles away from my babies for a week!


After that long travel time back home, I got this awful viral infection (fever, chills and malaise). ugh. I am still recuperating from the travel and from the infection. I hope to be back to myself soon.
maybe this extra hour of DST will help?

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  2. You are so beautiful with that look. Nice lace top.


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