black and leopard print {7qt}

My way of Friday introductions via 7QT and outfit post.

1. I wore this outfit at our family photos -- soon to be mailed Christmas cards.

2. I like fashion and shopping. My husband helps me document my hobby... He's my photographer.

3. I have had long hair since..... high school. Actually, take that back, on and off throughout my life, except for that short hair stint during sophomore and junior year. I have had this same hair style for YEARS. I am afraid to cut my hair shorter than shoulder length.

4.  We love living in the city. We love the community. I love my short commute to work.

5. I am addicted to designer purses. Meet Louis above. I call him Louis. I treat him like a member of the family. He is not placed on the floor (horror!). He sits next to me or placed on the table. He's not cheap so I keep him nice and clean.  

6. I am loving more blacks and neutrals in my wardrobe. I still like pink but it must be change of times (or aging or something)..... I know I would not be wearing bright neon pink tops when I am 80.... well, I guess I still can. But I truly love this black sheath dress from piperlime. 

7. Leopard print = neutral.
I read it on the web.... so it must be true. (ha!)

Happy Friday, friends!

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