catching up

I did not mean to have a blogging hiatus.
Life. Just. Happened. 
Next thing I know, I chose lying on the couch and napping instead of uploading my outfit posts. I did not have any posts lined up so.... there you go, I went missing for a little bit.

Although I have been taking photos using my dying iphone 4s, they are not IG worthy. So I will keep some of those to myself and to-be-printed photo album. I finally ordered the gold iphone6. It's a 3 week turn-around because per my tracking update: it's coming from China. 

This mommyhood is a busy gig. My children won't nap at the same time! Mr. Sebastian is also Mr. Busy-walker. My other two did not walk around the family room or kitchen or living room NONSTOP. But Bastian does. He explores the back of the TV. He bangs on the fireplace! he opens every single kitchen drawer... Those kiddie-proof locks after 2 older children do not work anymore. 

As for life outside of home: I covered the hospital one week... Then Isabel had her Frozen party. Then whoa, it was Thanksgiving. I blinked and I covered the hospital over the weekend.... whew...

This DST is not a fan of mine. It is dusk at 5pm. My photographer does not get home till close to 6pm which means I do not have somebody to help me document my OOTD. there you go, sharing my dilemmas. 

Cobalt blue dress ~ here's a similar one from ASOS, 30% off today
Patrizia booties
opaque gray tights
Dress bought from Hautelook, tights from zulily

Isabel also went to her first Colts game at Lucas Oil! I needed some couch time after being on-call all weekend. 

Question: who sleeps at a LIVE colts game at the loud Lucas Oil Stadium?
Answer: Apparently..... my daughter can...

Colts light jacket {gift}
KSNY cobalt blue crossbody {gift} ~ 30% today with code: CYBER30
Aladdin blue mug
One can never have too much blue during home games

on isabel: BabyGap Lucky top // gold glitter toms {25% off at the toms website today}

Have you shopped yet during this crazy weekend? Whether in stores or online?
Here are some of my fave cyber Monday deals.
--- everything 40% off sale at The Gap, BR and Old Navy. Use code: CYBER. here's a sweater saved in my wish list. 
---Here's one for today at the RL website
--- drooling over this cape from The Limited Scandal collection. use code: THANKS for 40% off! Scandal season 3 -- one reason why I did not blog during my week of covering the hospital. I worked all day.... and watched Jake Ballard on DVD. 

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