i look like big hero 6

I had high hopes for this outfit....
But I ended up looking like Big Hero 6. you know, that round, big white blob hero?

J. crew factory tissue printed scarf  // Jcrew factory tissue cardi  

Anthropologie top // Target skirt (a big small! thrifted with tags at a goodwill!)

I wore a version of this at the CNS meeting in October. I think I have gained another 5lbs since then. of course, the camera adds another 5 lbs, correct?

I am not proud of this post... but this is my body right now. I am not proud of it either. It's time to kick this unhealthy lifestyle to the curb. I haven't been eating right. I haven't been working out. 

Someday, I'd like to look back at this post and say: "I remember those days.... I do not want to go back to those days." I know we have to learn to love our bodies. A wise woman once said, she accepted her tummy scars and C-section scar because they are battle wounds, reminding her of the selfless love she gave and continues to give to her children. 

I do not want to go back to my anorexic-looking self back in med school which was my pre-preg weight with Daniel. My BMI then was at the borderline of underweight and normal. I want to go back to a healthier version of myself -- whatever the number, size, BMI that would be. Unfortunately, I am not at that healthy version...... yet......

If you'd like to copy the look ~ I am sure you'll pull it off, better than I did!

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