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This weekend, I braved the pollen-filled trail near our house. Who would have thought this small hiking trail is in the middle of the city. Very pretty!

we have always wanted to check it out. But my anxious self is so worried about the children tripping, falling, hitting their heads, blah blah blah. It was a gorgeous Sunday. The children are finally home after 24 hours of hard partying at Lola's house. So after pancakes from hubs (yup, breakfast chef), we dressed the children for a quick hike.

And because I am an overachiever, I am fooled of the sucessful one hour trek, we decided (or I decided) that our family should visit all 25 state parks this summer/fall and maybe next year.

Sebastian is also loving hand-me-downs from his brother. Stuff that Daniel did not want to wear or tolerate when he was young, were pretty much brand new and in perfect condition for Bastian. check out this newspaper boy hat from Janie and Jack.

If you're wondering what my brother-in-law looks like, refer to the pictures above.
(cannot claim the awesome pictures of Sebastian... photo credit: Derrick)

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