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hello, hello...

if you haven't been to Divina's blog ~ head on over, Now... PRONTO. It's my first time guest posting on her blog. *thanks again, Divina! if you are sick and tired of Easter posts and pictures, no worries amigo. I talked about food and books. Two of my favorite things!

And just because, I love outfits and cute bowties and spring dresses. check this out ~ my lovely niece and nephew! How about the cute Hahn family?
Katie's baby - seriously. love the tutu!

and I have a lot more to share. I am sparing you... just because, I want to share these:

I guess I lied about lack of Easter pictures.

1. The battle of trying to get a decent church picture
2. See what I mean?
3. Sebastian: are you stealing my eggs?
4. Sebastian: hmmmm big basket! Me likey!
5. Reading the book: Cora cooks pancit with Lola.

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