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This is to continue my Child Neurology ins&outs posts. Check part 1 and part 2

In between interviews, residency matching and such, 4th year was the MOST fun year of medical school. There's that great feeling that we were free to choose electives and rotations after a grueling year of required rotations as a 3rd year! My 4th year of medical school looked like this. I chose these subspecialities thinking about my future goals: to be a pediatric neurologist!

June - combined Child neurology outpatient and research month
July - combined Child neurology outpatient and research month
Child Neurology residency match was an early match. I had to make a decision much earlier than my peers. When I finished 3rd year, I knew I wanted to specialize in neuro. I just could not give up the children! So to make sure I was on the right path, I signed up for a research elective and Child neurology outpatient rotation. After these 2 months, I was able to publish a case report.... and I solidified my desire to help children with neurological problems.

August - pediatric Cardiology outpatient rotation.
I love outpatient rotations. I heard from my peers that this elective was pretty good and the faculty were awesome teachers. I was able to hear a diastolic murmur in clinic! I also took an hour in the morning before heading to clinic to study for Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK), which I took the end of August.

September - ophthalomology
What I would have liked was to tag along a neuro-ophthalmologist. It did not happen. My goal was to get better with my fundoscopic examination. I had to practice a lot to get a good look at optic disks.... and it helped practicing on adults.

October - required radiology rotation

November – private practice Physical Medicine and Rehab
Again with neurology in mind, I signed up for an adult rotation in PM&R.

December – vacation
I used this month to interview. This was an awesome Christmas break. I was in warm, sunny Arizona 2 days before Christmas. (oh the life before children!)

January – required Emergency Medicine rotation

February – inpatient internal medicine at the VA
Shortest month of the year… need I say more?

March – Neonatology ICU elective
I was scared of premies. At that stage of my life, I was a newlywed. No experience with tiny, tiny 26 weekers… This rotation helped me be more comfortable taking care of these precious little ones. And guess what, Neuro NICU is now very close to my heart. I love those tiny little hands and feet.

April – Infectious disease elective
This was inpatient/consults…

May – vacation, graduation!

June – pediatric Internship started!

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  1. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays. Getting to make our own choices in any area of life, in this case school, always makes me happy:-)

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