lace + leopard skirt + floral again + BOOK! {7qt}

1. I am reinventing my closet... Pairing things that work or do not work. my fave things: animal prints + lace + pink/blush.

i play around some more with my camera. I prep the settings for Derrick and he shots a couple (or several) pictures. my favorites are not my awkward poses, but the candid shots with my children.

Lace top ~ victorias secret, older than old // tank ~ NY&Co // pearl necklace, with a baby pearl still attached to the shell, look closely ~ from my grandma // leopard skirt ~ thrifted // ankle boots ~ Mia, also seen here // tights ~ Kohls

2. Floral again
Yesterday was an impromptu "join my son's schol for Daily Mass." The church smelled so fragrantly of Easter Lillies. Does heaven smell like that? I bet 100000000000x more.

I bought this grandma-ish floral top from hautelook. Yay or nay? Paired it with studded black skinnies (also from hautelook). If I tell you I wore these wedges all day long, I’d be lying. They have been in my closet for several months. I need practice before I bust around chasing children.

I would look like this if I am 5’6”. Thanks, sandals (similar).

3. Playdate
The D-crew met with friends for playdate last night. The children had fun. And best of all, the adults get to catch up and chitchat. Between two families, we had 6 children under 5 last night. Catholics, anyone?

4. Catholic Superstars
I will be tuning in on social media and live streaming for this weekend’s canonization of Pope JPII and John XXIII. There will be two popes in attendance ~ Pope Francis and Pope Benedict. I am having goosebumps right now.

5. Hair poll
I am getting a haircut in a couple of weeks. I am shedding hair worse than labradoodle (don’t ask me, I don’t even know if they shed a lot).

Taking a poll:
--- usual 2 inch trim

--- back to Cleopatra bangs

--- or stay with sweepy bangs

--- chop off a foot? (!) ~ I am faint of heart. I don’t think I can pull off a pixie cut. I would not know how to style it.

6. Shameless plug
Please check out my Instagram closet. I have a lot of clothes that I keep for sentimental reasons or another. Every time my mother comes over, I have a bag of clothes for her to send to the Philippines. The ones I am not able to sell, I will still send over there. Otherwise, check out and see if we are the same size! If you do not have an Instagram account, I can still send you invoice via paypal. Send me an email. If you like something, just ask.... bargaining is not an issue :)

{I always thought I will own a Sanrio Hello Kitty franchise... this may be the closest I will have to owning my own business/store}

7. Who’s excited?
Jen’s book is hitting stores this Tuesday!

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Link it up with the coolest author. Happy Friday, dears!

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