Black is slimming {wiws, Sunday style}

Happy happy Sunday!

I had to wear shorts on this hot summer day. Can you even tell I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant if I wasn't holding my belly?

Details, details:
Top: zulily
Shorts: motherhood maternity
Bib necklace: zulily
Flippity flops: reef
All natural look and gave myself a break from my hot pink lipstick.

The hubs and I enjoyed such a fun filled busy Saturday. I survived it all. Granted, we went to see a movie first {so that was mostly sitting}, then we filled our bellies with delicious tapas, then watched {all 4 quarters} of the colts football game. I was yawning all night long. I'm so happy with the walking we did downtown. I cannot powerwalk anymore but we surely made it from the parking garage to the stadium and back without needing a wheelchair or a stroller! But I was honest with my husband. In 2 weeks {at 38+ some days} I am not sure if I'll be ambitious enough to watch the football season opener. I don't want to be the lady in the news who delivered at the football stadium. I don't want to place my husband in that situation. He has seen his children born but I don't want him to physically be responsible delivering his own baby. He is not in the medical field and I don't want him freaking out.

^^zulily colts blue nonmaternity top, motherhood maternity Bermudas, reef flip flops^^

^^such good food from BARcelona Tapas^^

For bonus outfits, I tried to snap a few bump pictures for 36 week bump update. They did not turn out as bright or pretty as I wanted. I had another opportunity with hubs taking the Picts so ill post those later.

Baby D3 is getting bigger and moving a lot. In 3 weeks or less and we are gonna meet our new baby boy or girl.

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