Still pregnant, letter, pager blues {7 quick takes Friday vol 40}

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I'm still pregnant. I'm 37 weeks plus change so I'm considered full term. I'm actually feeling pretty well. Walks after a full day in the clinic are more tiring. Hips are achier. Bladder emptying trips are more frequent. But overall, I'm doing well.

Remember my request for prayers in a previous 7qt post? Thanks so much to all my prayer warriors. I've been less anxious and in fact, excited about this challenge instead of freaking out. Same requests this week: trust in God and peace that it will all work out.

I received my first letter from the teacher regarding my TK's behaviors. Sad, sad, sad day. I'm actually waiting for the letter because listening is not my TK's best skill. Hubs told Lil D: mummy and I don't want to receive any more letters from the teacher, ok.

I'm on home call this weekend. What was I thinking when I made that schedule?! Obviously not the fact that baby has dropped and that I'm going to the bathroom every 1.5 hour and that a snail has a faster pace than me!

5. More pregnancy takes:
A mom in clinic told me today:
Have a good Labor Day. Don't take it too literally and go into labor! (Funny!)
I don't think whoever I'm on call with {staff or resident} will appreciate me missing in action if I don't take my last 2 weekday calls at 38weeks + 2 days and at 38+ 6 days. Again, I was a bit over ambitious to take as much home call now. my rationale was when I return to work, I won't have a weekend call until December or tons of weeknight calls my first two weeks back.

Me: this chair feels wet.
Co worker looked at me visibly concerned.
Me: my water did not break, no worries.
Coworker: a comment like that coming from a full term pregnant lady is not really something we take lightly.
I'm distressing my coworkers and parents in clinic. I think they expect me to go into labor and deliver then and there.... I don't plan on doing that. But who am I to plan these unpredictable things?

7. Picture I'm sharing:
Hint: maybe ill use same pict for my 37 week bump update.

Does my belly look like it dropped? It's definitely pushing down on my bladder.

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