Orange dress and "getting over it"

We braved another 10:30a Mass today, even after our stressful 10:30a experience a month ago.

Mass behaviors:
Daniel: A+
Isabel: A

I'm pleased with Daniel's behavior. Not a lot of dancing, shooting guns, waving sword actions. Yesss!

Isabel had to be taken out twice. Once to the back of the church during homily. She was whining because she was sleepy. She pointed to the front of to church and we made our way back. I sat down at pew row #3 and and in an instant she slipped and fell from the kneeler. She hit her noggin {ouch!} i saw her hold her breath and I just knew an Isabel-squeal-and-cry is coming. So that was our cue to get out of the church. Poor baby! I gave her an A because I feel partly responsible for her accident. It was a valid cry...

I got to do a little teaching to the kids today. Isabel was pointing to the altar while we were at the back. So I whispered and named Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all the kids and families in front of us praying and listening to the homily.

There are also three baptisms after Mass. They were all girls with their pretty lace dresses! Just beautiful. I explained to Daniel the baptismal font and retold Isabel's baptism which he doesn't really remember. I told him we have another baptism to look forward to when baby D3 is born.

Sharing our pastor's Sunday message about "getting over it" the drudgery and stresses of life and focus on our new life with Christ. How appropriate for this stage of my life as a mother.

Now for some prego Sunday shots:
Dress: gap maternity
Tank: b rep {stretching a nonmaternity tank}
Gold strappy sandals: banana republic
Bump: 7 weeks or less to go

The D-crew:
Supporting my moules frites craving. It's such a pretty day out. Sunny, cool temp {shaded areas} but if you want Vit D prepare to sweat under the sun.

Thankful for another beautiful Sunday with my family.
Belle: Cherokee dress from her ninang; Daniel: Janie and jack shirt; hubs: express polo shirt.

Linking up with the ladies at wiws: FLAP and Sunday style: plane pretty.


  1. Anonymous8/04/2013

    That is such a pretty dress and super cute baby bump.

  2. Gorgeous dress! You look fantastic!


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