Hers: Boots and stripes His: white polo shirt

It's Wednesday! Usually Isabel leaves the house still on her pj's to go to Lolo's house. I got Daniel ready this morning so I know his outfit of the day. It's his modified school uniform.

I'm surprised to see Isabel's outfit this afternoon. I totally love it. I just had to share. {kudos to both hubs and father-in-law. Their sense of style is amazing!}

Isabel ootd:
Carter navy stripes dress, gift
Her beloved pink target boots
Her favorite snack: Hawaiian rolls

I say: let's take your pict and they willingly pose and give me their sweetest smile. I'm so crazy for these two.

Daniel modified uniform:
White polo shirt, thanks to my old navy reward points
Shorts: Carter's
Light saber from auntie S.

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