Christmas list {and tons of links}

6 days before Christmas??? Whoa.... I'm NOT done with my shopping. This is so not like ME.

My list (shorter than years past):
Kids - check {thank u Zulily and amazon}
Mother - check
Sister - check
Nephew- check
Bro in law - check {tnx D!}
Derrick's sibs and parents - check {thank u hubby for taking care of their gifts}
Natedogg - check thanks D!
TheFoodFashionita - errand this weekend
Hubster --- uhhhmmmm. Nope not yet. I still have this weekend to go to the store.

Why can't I just buy D's Christmas request online? I guess i can, but it will be a lil tricky. Hubs is requesting for ties for his Christmas present...... How very practical. I actually wanna get him bowties but he declined.
His other request: a ladder. I guess I'm going to Lowes this weekend too.
I did my Christmas shopping online last year. My excuse: keeping my newborn baby away from winter germs at the mall.  This year I blame my busy inpatient rotation at the hospital and my recent Georgia trip hence I'm not done with shopping yet.
I don't really have an excuse anymore. I. Need. To. Get. Stuff. Done.

I may be behind on my list compared to past years but I'm proud that I'm building family traditions more so this year.
- advent wreath craft with Daniel
- playing with our nativity set {I'm planning on hiding baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. And we will do a quick baby Jesus hunt!}

Little People Nativity Set...... for the Delima kids.

- advent novena

- celebrating December Saints' feastday - St. Nicholas, St. Lucy

How about you? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Any last minute ideas to share?

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