7 quick takes vol 9

We are headed to Georgia!
It's my nephew's 3rd birthday and it's gonna be a spider-tastic party!

What are you going to do for an entire weekend hubs?
If the kids and I deserve a weekend of fun out-of-state, my hubby deserves a weekend of "rest" without the THREE (u mean just 2?? or add me?) ahem.... kids.. he usually takes care of. we will miss you Derrick but enjoy this weekend of freedom.

Holiday night at the museum
IUPUI Alumni association hosts an annual holiday night at the children's museum. We have gone twice now. we went when Daniel was 1.5 yo. Last year we missed it because Isabel was only a few weeks old, Derrick did not want to bring Daniel etc etc...

Do u see Daniel?

Did you watch our Catholic TV star Jen Fulwiller last night? What did you think?

If you missed it: now's your chance!

I am slowly going back to a regular work out routine. Having two kids was definitely a wake up call that I cannot possibly do it all... {yeah I truly believed that I can do it all..... Crazy lady!} I felt soooooo guilty when I could not work out. I shoved the guilt away and truly enjoyed time resting with my kids. Now that I am slowly getting my life back and weaning Isabel (not to mention all the sweets and good food this holiday season), I need to watch what I eat and what I do to burn those extra sweet calories.
I am not in the Zumba mood yet (which was my go-to work out regimen). I found these quick 10 minute workouts {{even Nike Training club has them too}} I can slowly build my stamina and strength with these workouts.
How about you what's your favorite workout regimen? Insanity? P90x? Yoga? Running?

{{6}} I found this daily devotional #shereadstruth check the hash tag keyword on Instagram and you'll see inspiring daily journal entries of women all over the world...... The reading plan I'm doing right now is for advent.

{{7}} Picture time!
Another shot of the museum: this time it's the lobby

Pretty huh?

And our hot rides for the winter (?!) yikes. Brrrrrrrrrrr!
This is at the hot wheels exhibit at the museum.
For more 7QT visit conversiondiary.com

Have a happy Friday y'all!

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