Christmas is in the air

Delima Christmas {more appropriately: Advent} traditions:

Here's how we prepare for Christ's birth at home....

I finally gave in and bought the kids their own nativity play set! thanks to Lacy and Stephanie for such cool advent family traditions and ideas}.
We have our own fancy nativity set but the figures are not kid friendly. This Fischer price little people toy is perfect for Daniel and Isabel's little hands!

Hubster also had his work Christmas party sat night. And here's a pict of the family all dressed up.

And another one of mummy chasing Isabel.

We are suckers for parties -- especially Christmas parties!

Just a block from our house, there's a light show. We bring the kids at least once (twice to three times!) per Christmas season. Free and fun!
Looks like they added a flying pig and 2 cardinals this year.
They have a snow globe, mr and mrs santa on their porch swing, penguins swimming, candy canes lining the driveway, big polar bear near their door (to scare off intruders, I suppose), flamingos, christmas tree, and tons more! And best of all, lights in synch with the Christmas songs streaming on the FM tuner! awesome. Video above is not as cool as the one we have close to home....... Believe it.....

We have also been successful lighting our advent wreath every night for dinner. We use this chance to teach Daniel about the light of Christ and "countdown" for Christmas.

And just cos I love pics, here's the {extended} fam on thanksgiving. Thanks sister!

Have a happy Week y'all.

Make this week special by keeping Christ as the center this Advent season..... Pray more, hope more, love more.

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