7 quick takes Vol 8

___1___ Baby girl had her first haircut this past weekend. It's a tradition for our family in the Philippines to wait until a babe celebrates his/her first birthday before the first haircut is done. There's also one of those superstitions{from my grandma} that whoever cuts the baby's hair first will share his/her wisdom and knowledge to that baby. Derrick cut Daniel's hair. I cut Isabel's hair first. Then we headed to Cookie Cutters!

___2___ Prayers needed: starting this afternoon at 4p, I will be taking my first home call..... and it's the weekend home call! eeeeekkkkk!!!!!!!!
ok. now I am done freaking out... let's do this.

___3___ Pacers game: Hubs is taking Daniel to a Pacers game tonight.
What are we going to do Isabel???
oh yeah, we are on home-call. Let's answer some "pages".

Mummy and Isabel: what did you guys do tonight?
Derrick and Daniel: Cheered for the Pacers. Shouted Boom Baby!!! How about you guys?
Mummy and Isabel: oh, nothing. we just answered pages and SAVE LIVES!

___4___ Immaculate Conception: and peeps, it's not the conception of Jesus we are talking about here. It's the conception of Mother Mary without original sin, through the grace of the Heavenly Father, preparing her to be the mother of Jesus.
It's a holy day of obligation, so head to church on December 8th.

___5___ speaking of moms: mother Mary is the perfect mom.... And I'm absent mum pulling long hours at work and not picking up the kids... BOO!!! Sign out is around 4-5p.. But Dr. D has been leaving the hospital past 6p since Monday. BOO!!!!! Again....
Guilt is making its way into my brain, eating my insides..

___6___ Book I am reading: check out the scandal

Read it. Grab a copy for the Catholic woman in your life -- mom, sister, wife, friend!

___7___ picture im sharing: as my friend Dr. B wrote on her Facebook: future child neurologists the next generation!

Here's another shot.... My boy is a heartthrob!

Have a blessed Friday y'all!

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watch for her reality show on Dec 13 Thurs and watch it online.

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