brown + black with a touch of gold {wiws link up}

// black satchel bags //

dress, DCB
BP sunglasses ONLY $15! exact ones linked
Valentino wedges, bought on sale 4 years ago
lipstick Nars
bracelet, gift from the Philippines
Our Lady of Providence necklace
Louis Montaigne MM in Noir from Paris, similar

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It's yet another busy week here in Casa Delima. I just had my second overnight call since I went back to work. It was a little better than my first one.  But my body is taking awhile recovering from the disrupted sleep. Bouncing back is not as easy compared to a decade ago.

We had a gala at work Friday night. It was such short notice and hubs and I already made plans for our anniversary. So I went with a colleague and it became a mom's night out! Her husband could not make it either so it was a fun evening meeting other physicians in our hospital. We stayed and danced for an hour. I could barely walk after! I wore my silver Jimmy Choo's that I got this spring. I gave in towards the last 10 minutes and kicked them off while I chugged down a glass of water. Dancing is exercise. Dancing in 4 inch-stilletos is... torture? haha. But I made it happen.

I did not get photos using the big cam so I will be sharing iphone photos on the gram and here on my insta round-ups.  

This morning, unfortunately, I woke up after 5 hours of sleep with a splitting headache. Up late because of the gala and still not fully recovered from my overnight call = headache. After going back to sleep to shoo away the headache, I made it to the last presentation of From Womb to Tomb at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I met Adrienne of adriwrites! Kathryn Whitaker and Mary Lenaburg signed my books and I was fangirling for these wonderful Catholic Mom Celebrities!
Since the church is close to my fave ramen place, I stopped by for a SaturDATE with Ignatius.

Our Sunday is also jam-packed. More popcorn sales for my scouts, then morning Mass. If you want to support my scouts, here are their links :)
Support Isabel - wolf
Support Daniel - webelo 2
Support Sebastian - lion

Hubs and I are celebrating our anniversary a day early by going to dinner Sunday. We have all kids and my mom with us on our actual anniversary (Monday, 10/7). I don't really want to leave the kids with my mom on our first day of fall break. Poor Lola. Although I think she won't mind watching them for a couple of hours.

Here are the books of Kathryn and Mary. Buy and support these ladies. They have amazing testimonies of love and faith! I have been following and reading their blogs for close to a decade now ~  since 2011 I think!

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  1. I am so impressed you can do night shift and still went to the gala - you need to take those little precious moments of 'me-time' when you can though, they are so rare as a mum and much enjoyed!

    I love your dress, so cute on you and your bag is great with it :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :) I've got a scarf giveaway on my blog right now!

    Away From Blue

    1. I was dreading about going to the gala after a long week. But it was a good thing I still went. Like what you said, so worth it to have me-time as a mum.

  2. What a gorgeous dress! I love these colors together and they look so great on you.


    1. Thanks Shelbee! I love colors but neutrals also speak to me ;)

  3. This outfit is so cute! I love your dress and those wedges are just gorgeous!

    1. Designer shoes are not known for their comfort. Haha. But this Valentino’s are comfy! They defy the norm for expensive shoes. Funny right?


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