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Items are listed the order I apply products morning and/or night.  This article is so helpful!
1. cleansing oil
This is perfect for make-up removal. I used moist towelettes before. Then I read somewhere that the exfoliating towels I have can be abrasive. I started a search for a cleanser. I found a foaming wash that I also use ~ mainly in the mornings or when I am in the shower. But for make-up removal, this cleansing oil is ophthalmology tested (but still avoid putting directly to your eyes) and it is for all-skin-types.

2. toner
Confession: I was a water-only wash my face kind of girl for years! I used a few cleansers on and off but did not like the feeling of "dryness" after cleaning my face. I blamed the cleansers!
When in fact, what I am missing on my regimen is a toner! duh.
Toner is  great removing the last bits of dirt and makeup that the cleansers missed. A hydrating toner is helpful replenishing the moisture back on your face and helps balance the pH on your skin. Our skin is acidic. The soap and cleansers are alkaline. A toner can help balance the pH quickly.

3. eye cream
There are lots of eye creams out there. I used olay for awhile. Once I finished my tub, I searched for other creams that have amazing reviews. I came across this product and so far loving it. My concealer applies smoothly over this eye cream.

4. serum
This is the newest thing on skincare. What are serums? These are essentially concentrated shots of nutrients applied to your skin. The Ordinary is a brand recommended by a friend. I saw the price and good reviews and knew I just had to try. Serums can get quite pricey. So if you're unsure, try samples first or start with this brand...

I am trying the Niacinamide serum... I will let you know if worth using/buying.
I am currently skipping serums and/or moisturizers with retinoids  because they are teratogenic = harmful during pregnancy.

5. treatments
For acne ~ I use benzoyl peroxide spot-on-treatment.
The niacinamde serum I mentioned above can be used as "treatment"for dark spots or blemishes.

6. moisturizer
I am skipping my moisturizer with SPF because it's winter. I finally gave in and bought this Olay product that has rave reviews. Better start now on my mid-30s rather than wait for the wrinkles right? Since this is pricey - wait for deals. Like when Olay had buy 1 get one 40% off on ulta.

7. overnight mask
Here are a couple  of masks/moisturizers that I alternate every other night.
The Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Firming Mask is pricey. But I used my nordstrom notes to purchase this. Don't let the small tub fool you. The mask is packed in there. Just a little dab of your fingers can cover 1/3 of your face. This one is going to last me for awhile. Disclaimer: The smell is strong. Hubs calls it my old-lady cream. Whatev. I think it smells like a nivea cream which I used for years.

Clinique overnight mask
This one is not as thick but sure packs lots of moisture. I feel my face still soft and"silky" the following morning. It is scent-free.

What is your skin care routine? What are your tried and tested products?
Please share on the comment box below.
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