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I am a bookworm. During my childhood, instead of playing outside, you'd find me reading in the living room. That's how "boring" I was to my sister and cousins. Reading, reading all the time.

Medical school came and I shifted gears. I read mostly textbooks (because I had to!)
Every now and then, I read a thriller or mystery and Catholic/Theology books but I read mostly for continuing medical education. This year, I want to read more for fun!  My fave genre is mystery/thriller and memoirs.

I'd like to share what I have read this year so far (add a couple of items I read during medical school/residency).

My Nook was old. I am not successful reading from my iphone or iPad. So i asked for an ereader. Thanks to my readers' recs, I got the Kindle paperwhite (new one 8GB and very light and waterproof!)

Here are my recs (Affiliate links are used. Images are from amazon)

1. One Beautiful Dream
by Jennifer Fulwiler
A memoir that I finally finished! So embarrassed to admit that I got it as soon as it came out, read a couple of chapters then life happened. What?! How could I do that to the creator of Seven Quick Takes? I love Jen's blog and her writing.
It's a funny memoir, being real about life, motherhood and also pursuing your "blue flame." That's what Jen calls the passion that gives you energy when you undertake it, thus making it a blessing to both you and your family.  

2. Educated
by Tara Westover
It's been on the NYT Bestseller's List for weeks. I was late to reading this (again I did not commit to reading for fun until recently). It's about a woman attending school for the first time at age 17 yo. Her "homeschooling" consisted of some instruction from her mother, but mainly self-motivation reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon and lots of real-life education while helping her father and brothers at the junkyard, scrapping metal and also helping with construction and roofing. She was raised in a tiny town in Idaho under parents who are fundamental Mormons (LDS). We see her childhood shaping her view of the world and how that view changed once she attended BYU and eventually Cambridge Univ for her graduate studies.

3. The She Was Gone
by Lisa Jewell
My first mystery/thriller of 2019. It was a fast read. A little dark because of the kidnapping part. It is written in several characters' point of view - one of which is the mother of the girl who was kidnapped. Being a mother, I was able to relate on her sadness. But I did not like her attitude freezing and not moving on, forgetting her other children, eventually pulling away from them.
The "villain" of the book is 100% creepy!
The ending was a little sad. There's a glimmer of happiness but overall, the book ending left me sad. I still recommend it since it's a fast story.

4. I Found You
by Lisa Jewell
Since I enjoyed the first book I read of author Lisa Jewell, I checked goodreads  for other mystery/thrillers she's written. This book received 4.5 stars. Another fast read about a woman finding a man just sitting at the beach. This man was in a dissociative fugue state - a rare psychiatric disorder of amnesia of personal identity and memories that can be triggered by something "traumatic."
This man we find out soon enough had something important happen over 15 years ago (at this beach!) We follow the woman falling in love helping this man remember himself and his past.

There's romance here. But again, as a mom, I was not cheering for this lady taking in and helping this man without memories potentially endangering her children! But the ending is satisfying.  I hope you read it. I imagined a small beach town (places I love going to for holidays -- as our friends across the pond call vacations).

5. American Sniper
by Chris Kyle
When the movie came out, my sister told me about the autobiography. She lent me her paperback. It's very well written. I really felt like I was the sniper -- feeling all the emotions and sadness of war. It's been a couple of years since I read it. I still have the paperback (sorry sissy!) I may read it again!

6. Same Kind of Different As Me
by Ron Hall
I was fascinated about this. The book is about a modern-day slave. Yes, for my readers in the Philippines, there are indeed  poor people in the US (contrary to the assumption that America is rich therefore All Americans are rich).
I love this book because love for Christ came true by loving others and accepting others.

I did not watch the movie. I heard it was not good. So just stick to the book!

Have you read the books above? What do you think? Did you like them?
What are your recommendations for memoirs? or thriller/mysteries?

7. For my last take: I won't leave my fashionistas hanging. Outfit deets below.

Gap softspun cowlneck sweater - nonmaternity. I sized up and ordered the tall. It ended up being a tunic covering the bump and my back.
Old snake leggings (target kids)
ugg Boots
earrings from a local shop
lipstick - Bobbi Brown bought on sale, hautelook

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