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I wore this Sacred Heart shirt because I was thinking of the upcoming Valentine's Day. For the secular world, everything has hearts in them right now. So why not represent with the most divine Sacred Heart of Jesus?!

I was also paying tribute to my Alma Mater Sacred Heart Academy, now known as St. Mary's Academy. I was a "Cordelinian." That's what they called us students of Sacred Heart Academy. Since high school, I have been close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have this Sacred Heart pendant for several years now. When I saw the Sacred Heart shirt during the Seek2019 conference here in Indy, I knew I had to get it in my favorite color, pink. Because of my big belly (hello almost 19 weeks!) I purchased the men's version in one size up.

At Mass, my shirt ended up having another meaning. Our parish priest talked about the abortion law in VA, NY and NJ. How could he not?

Our country is turning into the ancient Roman pagans pre-Christ who accepted infanticide, child prostitution and slavery. How could we go back and not learn from history? How can we do this to the most vulnerable in our society? The unborn, elderly, handicapped. Babies who have severe abnormalities are not given a chance (how about we use the word choice!) to live. Even if they are not compatible to life outside the womb. Why should we end the pregnancy?

I truly breaks my heart that this country already makes abortion legal and now, late-term abortion, even when a full term mother is in active labor can "choose" to murder the baby.

I am all about women's rights and freedom and equality.  But saying it's a choice is NOT A RIGHT.
Let's not downplay what is being approved right now. Using the words "pro-choice" makes us numb and separates us from the truth. The ugly truth is that it's murder.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus bleeds for us right now. His heart bleeds for you and me, the unborn, the young and the old, the vulnerable, the rich and the poor, even for the mothers whose lives are at risk and may be given the option to kill their unborn baby.

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