happy fifth birthday, Bastian!

For his birth story ~ head here
For his first birthday, party photo diary here
For his second birthday
For his third birthday
For his fourth birthday

For our birthday presents for him, we got him glow-in-the-dark pjs; Kindergarten books (because he likes doing homework with his kuya and ate); Fishing for saints game.

//outfit details //
shirt - exact one
shorts, kohl's
captain america sneakers, stride rite

Dearest Sebastian,

Happy birthday! Wow, you are five years old! You have the sweetest and kindest heart. You love to have your photos taken with me. You are always up for "kissing pictures." Your new thing is actually volunteering to take my instagram and outfit photos. Oh, sweetheart, I cannot wait until you have steady hands to use the big cam. You will be a big help!

You love school. I can tell you are tired because of the full day. But you are working so hard on your letters. You sit and read with your older sibs. You make me proud.

You like sports just like your Kuya Daniel. You tell everyone who listens that you were in team watermelons last year and that this year, you're wearing yellow because you're in team Bananas.

I am glad you are not as scared of the water anymore. Those swim lessons are paying off. You are the darkest in the family! You love to be out there in the sun and playing in the water and sand.

You're a picky eater but I am amazed with the foods you like to eat! You like salmon teriyaki, popcorn chicken and noodle, fish and rice, hawaiian rolls + nutella, carnitas, chicken satay and grilled cheese. You are not a typical 5 year old! You don't eat mac and cheese or spaghetti!

I am so happy God has given you to me and to our family. Wishing you all the love and joy on your fifth year. I love you!


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