it's been awhile...

dress via hautelook
Chanel flats
YSL muse purse
bracelet from my mom's collection
Wow.. only 6 posts in September... and only one so far this month.
Somebody is a blogger-slacker. slacker-blogger...
I have several outfit posts such as this one from last month... And then from our outer banks anniversary trip a week ago. I better start cranking. 


Somebody is not happy ^

I have lots of ideas for blog posts. I want to talk about  my annoyance with Dr. Google... the constant battle with the patients whether they'd rather believe me who went to 4 years of med school, 5 years of residency and took tons of tests vs. their research with Dr. Google.
I want to complain about the changing weather.
I want to share my new fave binge-watch worthy shows.
I just have to type my posts and get going.  
yet, at times, I'd rather sleep, nap or watch my shows.. or read a book! it's so good to actually read an actual fun book. I read this during our OBX trip.

For my blogger readers, how do you get out of the writer/blogger block? How do you get your motivation going again? to turn on the laptop and actually crank a post?
I am not totally out of social media. I still post my daily photos on instagram. every now and then I also take vids of the kids on snapchat.... so if you're wondering why the blogger silence, check us out outside of the blog.
I do hope to blog more consistently... with outfit photos with Lucy as fillers. ha

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  1. I totally feel you- I never thought I'd intentionally not blog but it's been tricky to find the time lately and when I do I don't have any desire to blog, or I can't think of anything to say so I'd rather read or binge watch something. Glad to see your posts back up in my feed. :)

    Love that dress + bag combo- beautiful fall outfit!


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