quickest baby-moon

babymoon -noun
-- A last vacation taken by expectant parents before a baby is born.

When I was invited for an all-expense-paid-for conference in Chicago - though it's still in the coldest time of the year - I urged Derrick to join me. This could be our babymoon, I thought.

We stayed at The Drake Hotel where the meeting was held. What made me even more excited, was not that Princess Di stayed there, nor My Best Friend's Wedding  was filmed there, but that it houses Chanel as one of its retail tenants. And Louis Vuitton is just across the street.

Is this a sign???

I ate so much food that weekend.
I predict total weight gain of 10 lbs.
baby - 2 oz
Me - 9.8 lbs

May I indulge you with 7quick photos -- for 7 quick takes?

1. Chicago welcomed us in its usual self -- rush hour traffic.

2. why oh why did not I take a photo of the steakhouse we went to? This place was hopping! I am glad we had reservations because that place was packed from 6p-9p, the entire team our group was there. The bar was packed. The waiting area was packed. The dining room tables were always filled with customers.

but I did take a photo of my cute tabasco bottles during breakfast....

I used one.

I kept one for future use. Look for a pregnant lady taking out her tabasco sauce from her Louis purse.

3. A babymoon is not complete without a selfie.
Am I embarrassed I was tagged glamour girl by a colleague? would you believe if I say no? I was lazy to figure out which trousers fit my ever-expanding belly and thighs. So I stayed with the shift dress.

4. The conference ended early Sat afternoon. I drank more coffee than what I intended so I could not take a nap. I did not ask Mr. husband to take evidence photos of where we went for shopping.
but I coerced him to take a photo of that expensive something inside that brown bag.

we grabbed "pasalubong" for the children. I did not forget about them!
this bag is small but deadly. i am still having a little shopper's guilt.

5. If you want to experience yummy, authentic and reasonably priced Filipino food, please check out isla Pilipina! oh my... oh my... I could never recreate that food. It reminds me of my grandma's cooking.

Here's my dessert. I ate it on the way back to the hotel.
Not pictured: my order of kare-kare, lumpiang shanghai, lechon kawali.
Good thing pregnancy labs do not include cholesterol panel. I won't pass that test.

6. I forgot my fancy cam to record my OOTD for Sunday.
I got a pict of the bump.... as already seen on instagram.

These J. brand jeans still fit me! they are midrise, super stretchy and very forgiving. I am 21 weeks along.... and a little sad that I might have to give them up postpartum. I do not want to stay this size postpartum. If I find another awesome sale, I will splurge and get another pair that will fit me.

7. This was Derrick's request.
we stopped by chinatown for dimsum for Sunday lunch. granted, this food photo is NOT dimsum but spicy beef noodle.

now this is dimsum:

Forgive me for sporadically blogging and then giving you a post/play-by-play of our babymoon.
I live to please.

head on over to Kelly's for more fun quick takes.

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  1. Congratulations! I've missed a few of your posts and didn't realize you're expecting!


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