OBTS {Photo diary}

Day 1:
After 14.5 hours of driving and 18 hours in the car (!) we finally arrived in FL. The rental is beautiful and the guest room was waiting for my sister's arrival mid-week. The children share the Gilligan's island room with twin beds. They actually slept there all night on our first night.

We ventured to the nearest Catholic Church for Sunday Mass.
I had to remind the children about the donut reward if they kept their good behavior.

Mass grades:
Daniel - B
Isabel - C
Sebastian - C

Ok let's just blame the newness of the area. The children went crazy. This town is mostly a retirement crowd. (We probably missed the young families who went to the earlier Mass). So I felt like every pair of eyes was staring at me and my young children. A nice lady whispered: your children are beautiful - after handing me Sebastian's sippy, which he purposely threw at the back of the pew.

One thing about family vacations is that we end up going to plan C. The vacation schedule is there is NO schedule.

This is what I wore Sunday.

Dress- thrifted
Bump - 24 weeks plus change
Photo by Daniel.

After donuts, we finally headed to the beach. The reason for our day-long drive.

So that's it for our first day. Stay tuned for more!

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