Pink Sunday

I'm back to iPhone pix for my outfits. I haven't been posting in awhile because I want to use my canon.... But it's not happening. Just not happening. I should really train my 5 year old. He'd be an awesome photographer!

Outfit Deets:
Dress - zulily
Cardi - old, Ralph Lauren
Flats - also zulily

Bump - 23 weeks + some days

Mass Grades:
Daniel - A
Isabel - A
Sebastian - C
Grades given by their father who matched our priest for Laetere Sunday.

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  1. Yeah, Laetare! I like your husband's shirt. It's just the right color that it can also be worn on days that are not today. :)

  2. So pretty, Isis! And the Mass grades made me laugh. I should start this over here too lol And CONGRATS on baby! It's been awhile since I've been over to your space!


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