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My weekly installation of outfits for work... and a special 7qt edition of going to the BSB concert.

Chevron Blouse ~ Francesca // denim cut offs ~ herchicboutique, thrifted // my fave Saltwater Sandals // earrings ~ from my honeymoon in Paris {and I just lost a white clear bead.... So sad. But I still wore it} // bracelet ~ from my mom // fancy pink statement ring ~ also from my honeymoon

Don't you just love that chevron pink blouse? And it's cut off at the back!

Exhibit A: spirit fingers

Exhibit B: don't care that it's raining. I still want to document my ootd. Priorities people. Priorities.

Top ~ Anthro, thrifted // Skirt ~ thredUP // kitten heels ~ NineWest

Dress ~ Tommy girl // kitten heels ~ CK via nordstrom rack // earrings ~ from my cousin.

1. 13 years later... my sister and I went to the same place (different name) and watched our favorite boy-band/group.

2. sorry not sorry that I just said that.

3. we were very excited that we are >21 years old. This means, hello pina colada. hi margarita. hey vino!

and we paid for an overpriced, very sweet, mix of lime margarita and strawberry daiquiri. I could not even taste the alcohol (boo!)

4. Thanks to my sis and groupon for this wonderful birthday gift.

thanks hubby for watching all 3 kids. Xoxo you're the best!

5. things truly have changed from 13 years ago. instead of purses, we brought our pump bags! but these machines stayed in the car...

We also brought my truck with 3 car seats at the back.

6. my children will disown me when they read this entry, 13 years from now. (or sooner!)

7. What else to do on Friday the 13th and full moon?

And just cause I want to share the space with more beautiful girls: here's my Isabel.

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  1. Ha ha. My sisters-in-law and I went to a BSB concert last year. So much fun! I drove my minivan, which felt awkward. ;-)

    Love your outfits!

  2. That zebra skirt is perfectly styled. I struggle with pulling off bold patterns, but I'm making progress!


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