sunday best on a wednesday

Top, Old Navy, similar
skirt, Jcrew factory, similar green one here
old very old jelly sandals with bling
Gucci marmont shoulder bag
sunnies, similar here and here

Finally... finally... I know blogging is not my job or priority but I still get anxious when I deviate from my routine. That is -- I usually post my Church outfit on Sunday (or Monday if I am a little behind)... but wednesday? might as well just wait for next week right?

This Sunday was Corpus Christi Sunday. After Mass, the first communicants (including my son) were special guests of the procession. Lunch was moved to 1p and after lunch, we all needed a nap. We made sure hubs got some much needed rest as well. It was father's day and he gets woken up lots in the middle of the night... And it's not Lucas waking him up... but the middle three.


happy monday, mom of 5


on me:
bangles, from my grandma

on Lucy:
Gymboree dress

Louis Vuitton, Neverfull MM, Damier ebene with Rose ballerine interior

^she's way too close to these plants. It's freaking me out. I am 92.8% certain there's poison ivy somewhere there. ^

Mondays are a shock to the system. I definitely received lots of presents.

I cleaned up a puddle of urine as soon as I woke up. Somebody did not make it to the toilet because he refused to use his legs properly. He has a bruised knee and was scooting around the house on his bottom.

with so much frustration, I dug around boxes and looked for a shirt and pair of shorts. I found the blue Mother Mary shirt from my good friend, Sr. Solanus. I put it on and it was way too tight on the chest area. I had to find a back-up top. ok tunic it is....

I changed 3 children, sadly with not enough patience since I raised my voice... I chased baby D4 - she thought it was a game of "let baby cry while momma is changing me."

I fed baby then burped him. Baby burped, and up he regurgitated, give or take, an oz of milk. There's trickle of milk on my tunic all the way down to my left leg. I was back to the boxes to find another loose fitting shirt.


summer update + a giveaway! {7qt}

1. Daniel finished his weeklong morning baseball camp.

He asked: is Baseball camp over?
Me: yes
D: good...
Me: how come? you did not enjoy it?
D: it's a lot of running. I get tired.

The afternoon  camp was "DIY backyard party." They had summer olympics on Monday; Fairy garden tea party on Tuesday; Pajama/camp night party on Wednesday; Luau on Thursday. He missed the summer olympics party because he mistakenly went to robotics and followed the 5th graders. His favorite party was the Luau. They had an inflatable pool and went "swimming." they also drank pina coladas.

^His least favorite position

2. Swimming lessons are going well for the older three. Isabel is getting better with his bobs with almost* full exhalation when underwater and then inhalation when above water. They were ready to advance her to the next level yesterday but she said she did not want to. When asked why: she likes her current teacher and if she advances to the next level, she does not want to leave her. awwwww...

Daniel is getting better with his floats and glides and his kicking.
Bastian has made the greatest improvement. First class was horrible with lots of crying, "I don't want to go to the water" etc. etc. Now I only ask him once and he goes to the edge of the pool and approaches his group.

It's sad for Lucy to watch them. She wants to join and jump into the pool. But for children younger than 2, a parent must swim with them. Derrick and I did not want to do that this year. poor Lucy.

3. some finds from my recent ASOS haul:

Off the shoulder mini dress with lace hem
Ruffle Flute sleeve top
Curved hem Boyfriend Tee

4. I enjoy making the girls wear matching dresses. Here are a few cute ones from Old Navy.
click on thumbnails/direct link

5. I am so behind on my videos... but isabel had her dance recital 2 weekends ago. I finally uploaded her dance number here.

6. I finished the 11th season of BONES. While waiting for season 12 at the library, I decided to try Sleepy Hollow.  my take after two episodes down --- I am not enjoying it. I want to give it a chance. Maybe it will be more interesting and LESS creepy and scary? but so far, it's only making me more scared.

I am looking for recommendations for TV series... please, do share!

7. Finally... a giveaway!
A couple of years ago, I watched God's not Dead. I was surprised that the acting was fine. Sometimes Christian movies can have "bad acting." This one was not bad at all.  I borrowed God's Not Dead 2. It's not as great as the first one but it did lead me to get this book which I am liking very much.

If you like criminal cases type of TV series or books -- like BONES or CSI or Law and Order, you will like this book. It was written by a homicide detective whose expertise is solving cold cases.  He started as an atheist --wanting to prove/disprove the Gospel accounts. He used "forensic statement analysis" to figure out if witnesses were/are telling the truth -- if Jesus is truly God who resurrected from the dead.

So for this giveaway -- you can win a copy of Cold Case Christianity or  2 value pack of God's Not Dead and God's not Dead 2!


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mirrored sunglasses

mirrored sunglasses, Nordstrom
linen tunic, Jcrew
Celine, mini luggage, trileather
leggings, nordstrom
necklace, KSNY

I am so addicted to mirrored sunglasses! Addicted and late to the bandwagon.
What's cool about this pair is the PRICE. They are less than $15.

Here are other reasons why you should get your own pair:
-- They are also well-made and stylish.
-- your photographer will show up on your photos because of your mirrored sunglasses. {but if your instagram husband would rather stay anonymous, then look away when you're being photographed}
-- your children will love looking at their reflection
-- your instagram-husband won't see you rolling your eyes several times a day.


when I am late, I am really late

Top, banana republic
Gucci crossbody
Reef flipflops

A good friend and I were discussing about this: we are both optimists in terms of our arrival time.
We assume that the lights are going to be in our favor. we will get there on time.  However, stars rarely align in perfect lines. The stoplights are never timed. The baby's diaper explodes. The toddler wants a snack and a drink on our way out. How about the tantrums and the  missing sandal and the fights? 
So when I am late, I am not just 5 minutes late. I am really late.

This is not the case when I have a newborn though. I add 15 minutes to the time that I think we should leave. If we have to leave by 10a for 10:30a doctor's appt, I get the children out the door by 9:45a. The result: we are 20 minutes early.

How come I don't continue that? How come I slack off once the newborn is not a newborn anymore? How come I go back to my old ways and leave at the very. last. minute???  

Here's another observation:
I am also more successful at arriving early or just in time when I have all of my children. When it's just one child or sometimes, no child {i.e. I am alone} and I have to be somewhere, I actually end up being late.

My husband's theory is that when I have all kids, I leave much, much earlier.  I am also focused at the task of getting ready rather than doing this and that.  But when I am alone {or just have one or two children}, I take my time and I am more relaxed. So the results is what one would expect. we are, again, late.

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pink does not get old {my Sunday best}

Sacred Heart pendant, Etsy
watch, Ann Klein, bracelet set, similar

YSL Tribute - splurge
skirt, Thalia Sodi, Macy's
sunglasses, use code NewShades4You for 10% off
lipstick, Russian Red {gift}

I finally turned on my laptop since I blogged my last post on Memorial Day.  I have over 5 outfit posts on my camera that I downloaded today.

Below is a list of my excuses:
-- If I am not holding my one-month old, I am carrying my 2 year old.
-- I am also either napping or reading.
-- It is taking me a long time to paint my closet system. {pounding head against wall} Prime painting time is 10p-11p, when I have finally parted from my good nurser.  Hubs can watch him if he wakes up after cluster feeding.
-- Feed older kids, clean up, feed them again, clean up, feed them again. Daddy's home!

That's pretty much life now-a-days. It's definitely not the norm when I get to dress up, put on nice shoes and take photos.


lace + animal print {Sunday Best}

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on Lucy:
dress, gift

Top, Jack by BB Dakota
skirt, Macy's
wedges, zulily
Rayban sunnies
Gucci padlock (medium/large size)

I have a guest blogger on this post. Thanks for joining me Lucy. You and your half-hair-down and half-pigtail hair. 
Is it just me or your kids end up taking their scrunchies off  0.782653 seconds after fixing their hair?


Lucas' birth story

I have waited the longest for you, baby Lucas. I was already off of work since you were 38 weeks gestation. I did everything to get you moving... well, not quite everything, since I did not have the eggplant parmigiana that my friend, Mer, used to get baby Sammy out.  But I went for walks, I had my pedicure done. I went back to furniture-making.  I ate spicier food.

I even made a VLOG the day before you were born. Funny that once least expected, that's when labor will start right?

Thursday morning:
I woke up late. I was not sleeping well for a few weeks before Lucas was born. Since I did not go to work, I was able to sleep in. I already asked hubs to telework on Thursday. (like I knew something was up). the real reason was I did not want to show up at Bastian's preschool, large and still pregnant.


postpartum blues

those postpartum blues are real.

i feel sad... why do I feel sad? i smell my baby's head. I see my children run and play. Yet I feel sad.

My husband asks me a question.  I did not want to answer. I did not want to converse at all. Like there is no reason to talk so why answer.  I know it's rude. But why am I mean to him? He did not do anything wrong.

It's 11:45pm. Instead of sleeping when my baby sleeps, I am here sitting at the loveseat, staring at the moonless, cloudy night. I did not do this before. I was either knocked out because I need sleep or busy, busy, busy doing something and checking off my to-do list. Yet I am sitting here, about to cry.

Cry... Those postpartum blues are real. Why am I suddenly crying for no reason?
I am sleep-deprived. I am tired. I am adjusting. I am constantly counting how many children are in my field of vision. If not all 5 are  accounted for, I go through my head where one (or two or more!) child(ren) is/are located.

Thoughts of failure and defeat enter my mind. I try to push them away. But they keep coming back. I just cry. Cry... then hopefully afterwards I will feel so much better. lighter.

That's the hope, at least.

Photo taken by hubs. Postpartum blues has not hit me yet. Just the tired face of a mama who went through an unmedicated birth. 

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floral + light pink {Sunday Best}

Floral dress, Macy's, exact one
Chanel lambskin, silver hardware, jumbo
similar for a splurge, similar for less (Guess.... DKNY)
Naturalizer sandals, sold out

First Mass as a family of seven. We made it to church 20 minutes before Mass started yippee! Lucas was crying and needed to nurse. I did not want to nurse him at home because it would have taken him 30 minutes which meant we will be late. so we drove the short drive to church and got there with plenty of time to get "settled."

As usual, the fun parent was an usher. 3 out of 5 kids (the ones awake) followed him to greet people. Bastian and Lucas were knocked out. So much for feeding the baby. He fell asleep and slept through the entire Mass.


likes + shares + outfit post this first week postpartum {seven quick takes}

1. Happy one week old, baby Lucas! I am still typing his birth story. It will be published soon.  We are all adjusting being a family of seven.  Lucy is having the hardest time. She is loving on the baby but wants to cuddle and be held when we are holding Lucas. I am not surprised with her actions. She's still a  baby and the transition is going to be a process.

2.  To hide those dark circles: wear mirrored sunglasses. These are the ones I am wearing (sold out, but found on eBay). I got a new pair, much cheaper {only $12!} and will be featured here on another blog post. New pair comes in 2 colors, metallic and burgundy. I got the metallic which is more rose gold.

3. For my pregnant mamas out there...
This is for your postpartum bottom ~ so refreshing and cooling. GET ONE NOW. you will thank me.

4. My feet and fingers are more swollen a week postpartum compared to the last days of pregnancy. I did not want to deal looking for sandals that would be comfortable right now. so flipflops it is.
These ones I am wearing here are nearing the end of life. I got this pair and this pair. I am definitely a REEF-fan.


first mother's day with five babies + prayer requests

Dress, shopbop
earrings, Nickel and Suede

Floral dresses from shopbop

love the print of this dress (got it on sale!)
then the rose gold watch and bracelet set is a good accessory. 

Hubs took over 30 photos of our attempt at showcasing 5 babies this Mother's Day.  The middle 2 (not called younger two anymore!) did not cooperate. Surprised? never.

On other updates:
--- recovery is different this time. I am anemic to begin with. I was not tolerating my Prenatal vitamins nor the Iron supplements prescribed around 2nd trimester.  So with some blood loss during delivery, my Hgb is even lower. I cannot stand for long periods of time because I get lightheaded and dizzy. Orthostatic blood pressure was done while at the hospital and as I have expected my BP went down from sitting to standing.

--- I got dressed for pictures. I felt fine most of the day and thought I could be dropped off alone for Sunday afternoon Mass. But then, I started feeling dizzy again -- thank you sleep deprivation and anemia.
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baby boy and baby girl wishlist

Happy due date Baby #5! Here are a few items on my wishlist. Make your appearance soon -- and we can go shopping! {edited: this post was written before baby LUCAS' appearance!} yes! He is here! It's a Boy!

1. Kohls - gray onesie, family favorite
2. Baby Gap - reversible pant
3. Buy Buy Baby - burp cloths
4. Kohl's - black onesie, hello
6. Gap - socks
7.  Old Navy - jersey leggings for baby

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