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You win some. You lose some.
Last week, my children behaved rather well at Church. We were asked to  bring the offertory gifts. Hubs was a little nervous because it only takes one child to throw a tantrum and then it will be very distracting when we bring the gifts to the altar. I have this notion that if I was asked to bring the gifts, it is an honour and therefore I should not turn it down. Easier said than real-life right? Real-life happens with young ones. With one crying child and the honour becomes an embarrassing spectacle.

I had a game plan once I accepted the request from the usher.   Isabel can bring the bread. Daniel can bring the basket of monetary offerings. I or hubs can bring the wine. The container is glass so we need a steady hand, not that of a five-year old.

The children conducted themselves in their best behavior! Is it cheating that the two-year old fell asleep anyway, hence we decreased the chances of a crying baby by several notches?
We placed the sleeping toddler in the baby's carseat. (He looked like a giant!) I carried the baby.  My eldest totally missed the offertory because of a restroom break (!) but we made it all work. Hubs brought the wine. Isabel offered the bread. Lucy was a tag-along. Sebastian and I each took one end of the basket and brought it to the altar.

The Lord showed mercy on us and saved us from embarrassment.

This week, I was sweating like crazy and felt so, so hot because of the circus of  children around me. Granted, we only had five in our row. Our eldest served as an altar server.
Hubs and I feel like we need to go to another Mass because we were  so distracted. More than usual! He was at the back of the church with Lucas for 90% of the Mass. Lucy and Sebastian left their seats to go back and forth between me and Derrick. Isabel was having a meltdown. I did not have enough hands to keep them all in one place. I was feeding the baby and the dress I wore (which I will share next week) was a little finicky.  I did not have a nursing cover, just the burp cloth or my fan or the swaddling blanket.  I had a few instances of exposure ~ not of the mammary gland but my nursing bra because I haven't buttoned the dress yet.  Breastfeeding was enough to increase my temperature and make me sweat. What more when my herd of hangry children are  not staying in their seats. I was fanning myself because I was so hot from anxiety!

Isabel tried to help me at one point and helped-dragged Lucas out of his seat to bring him to the back of the church. The family behind us gasped when Isabel pulled Lucas from the floor and dragged him. Daniel who was serving at the altar saw everything. You bet, our pastor saw everything too.

This week was definitely not a win.

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  1. Hard to keep the kiddos in line in church! Mine have all gone through vases where I had to take them out to read them the right act! They have gotten better but now the littlest is almost 2 so here we go again!

    1. My husband usually takes them to the back because I am usually with an infant nursing. ha.

  2. I never thought about pairing leopard and pink, they look amazing.

    1. thank you. Two of my favorite things.

  3. Such a cute outfit! Love the leopard and pink together and I can guarantee you that all the parents int hat church are remembering the days they tried to corral young kids in church! :) You're doing a good job!

    Hope that your week is going well! :)

    Away From Blue

    1. I have received sympathetic smiles. But most of the time, I just avoid their gaze. haha


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