pink hi-lo dress + nude pumps {wiws}

// initial necklaces ~ large and dainty ones //

// dress via DCB // lipstick, sangria // Gucci purse // LKBennett nude pumps // Givenchy sunglasses, similar // initial necklace //

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// Isabel's and Lucas' outfit details //

The return of the Mass Grades:
Daniel - A He served tonight. I caught him rubbing his eyes. He must be tired, I thought. He said it was very hot and his eyes were itchy.
Isabel - A What a helpful oldest sister. She sat next to the baby and rocked his carseat when he cried.
Sebastian - A He had a rocky start when  I told him to put away his "bubble gun" (gun that blows bubbles). But we made up by the opening hymn. He gave me a hug and he was fine the rest of the Mass.
Lucy - B She was all over the place looking for a comfy spot. I can tell with her body language that she wanted to take a nap. Good thing she was wearing shorts underneath her dress.
Lucas - D I am being nice to the 2 year old. I know, I know he is only 2. He acts like he is 2. But the shushing does not work on him. He increases his volume when you ask him to stop talking.
Nash - A++ The baby always gets the best grade :)

The outfit:
I got this dress when I was pregnant. However with the high-low cut + the bump, the hem was just waaaayyyyy too short. I waited until postpartum to wear it. A sweet lady at church asked when the new one will make his entrance. I told her, he's 2 weeks old and pointed at the baby.  I was not offended. I am still sporting the postpartum pooch. I estimate that my uterus is still the size of an 18-20 week gestation uterus. Maybe smaller. I hope it's smaller and shrinking everyday.

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  1. Such a cute pink dress and you look a lot more stylish than I did 2 weeks after giving birth, haha! I think that lady at church was so rude - it's obvious you just had a baby!

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) It's been a quiet one for us, with the rain!

    Away From Blue

    1. She felt awful after making her comment. She did not see the baby when my husband passed by. It's nice to dress up even just for a couple of hours... out of pajamas and sweats :)
      Thanks for linking up!


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