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 dress via DCB // lipstick, exact ones // jelly flipflops with bow, amazon exact ones // Gucci crossbody bag // orchid bracelet, from the Philippines // St. Lucy pendant // pink orchid earrings, hautelook, similar here

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Below are iphone shots taken by my 4 year old. I had to do a lot of editing and cropping. I would give her a B actually. You can see my entire outfit + limbs in about 80% of the photos. I may not be in the center but at least the entire outfit is showing. The rest (20% of the photos) unfortunately, she cut off the top of my head.

Vigil Mass today was hard. I had a 7yo with a bad attitude who scowled the entire time. I had a two year old who acted like a typical 2 year old. He is by far our hardest (ugh). Can you guess who? He has the funniest poses on our group photos above. I am not naming names here... but he does the exact opposite of what we ask him to do.

Please don't run. He runs.
Please don't pick up the baby. He tries to pick up the baby.
Put the book away. We don't need 4 church books. He keeps all 4 books.
Come over here please. He runs away.

Just teaching the older kids to be gentle on the baby worked for our older kids. But not for our two-year old. He is "rough" in general. His actions are rough at baseline. So when he gives kisses or hugs, they are on the rough side.

I should show  by example. I wonder if he has a 2- second attention span to actually watch me role-model. Here, this is how we should touch baby's hand or foot. This is how we give kisses. This is how we show love (lightly touch feet and not body slam the baby just to give him kisses straight on the lips). My expectations are pretty low but I will try.

If you missed my nordstrom  sale picks, I shared what I got in years past and what I got this year on my instagram feed and stories. Here's the link so you can check my picks and shop them. My adidas pick is almost sold out. The grey one is not available anymore on this second day of nordstrom sale early access.

I will be shopping prime day sales Monday and Tuesday. Are you?
If interested with my recommendations, what is in my cart, etc, be sure to follow me on instagram. I will be posting on my feed and stories. I will be ordering school supplies for my older three. I am also on the hunt for winter jackets (here's to hoping there will be awesome deals for my kids!)

I am yearning for a slow, restful Sunday tomorrow. That's just what we all need.

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  1. Such a cute little blue dress and I like the studded sandals with it! Adorable family pics too! :) I think 2 is a tricky age, they are learning so much about the world and it's hard to sit still, haha! they grow out of it quickly though as I'm sure you'll know!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue


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