daniel is ten

Thankful that he let me take a photo of him next to these blocks.  Pretty soon, I will blink and he is going to ask me not talk about him on the blog.

I took Nash's one month photos today and then asked him to do the same thing. I did not hear any complaints.

Daniel is really a sweet boy. He spoiled me and Derrick when he was a baby. It's as if we did not have a baby with us. We were able to go out and enjoy dinner at 7p just like what we used to do. He was such a good baby. We attended parties until 10p rather than escaping at 6p because "baby is fussy." He just nursed and slept. He was very chill.

He loves crab legs as much as I do. He asked to serve crab legs at his party. We told him his friends probably will not eat them so we took him to dinner at Ugly Crab instead. He enjoyed the 2  lbs of snow crab legs that we ordered, steamed in garlic butter sauce!

Daniel, we love you. Enjoy the double digits.
love, mummy and dada

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