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I was going to micro-blog this post. But since I missed posting this last night on instagram (whew, Ash Wednesday was jampacked!) I postponed the post until this morning.

I was typing and typing that long caption and then realized, why not post this on my blog. DUH. The neglected blog.

Our family plans~
1. I decided for our family's "extra" action this Lent.
We are all going to pray the rosary everyday for Lent. I heard a few moans but they quickly went away. When our five year old said, I don't want to pray the rosary, hubs asked him why. He did not have an answer. Typical five-year old whine.

I hope that spending more time meditating on Christ's life will bring us all grace and peace and patience.

2. Thanks to Stephanie, I got this idea of something with a big impact but EASY. I love to plan, plan, plan and end up overwhelming myself. I basically end up failing and NOT doing anything at all.  I learned over time that I have to plan something "easy" and doable. Therefore, we are going to make this salt dough crown of thorns today. Stay tuned on instagram stories.

3. I scoured eBay and found the Stations of the Cross by Fr. Lovasik. Again, thanks Stephanie! I ordered two, just like her suggestion. I will cut up one and place them on a poster board. Then use the other book for our prayer time.

Personal Lent plans~
4. Continue reading a chapter a day of the Bible (right now I am reading the Gospel of John)
5. Follow along with the Blessed is She devotional - which is great timing, they are using John 11-19!
6.I haven't fasted in 10 years. I am either pregnant or nursing a baby. But I will continue to abstain from meat on Fridays of Lent.

My family's personal Lent plans~

7. I love that Isabel wrote this on our white board!
Do not TOTCH. hehe

I said I will give up cookies. But I haven't really come up with something I am truly giving up. This pregnancy is hard. I am picky with what I can/want to eat.  My usual go-to treat to give up is cookies or ice cream. But when I eat too much sugary items anyway, I don't feel well during this pregnancy. So I have been avoiding cookies.  It's not really fair to give it up for Lent when I am already avoiding it. Hence, the noncommittal "I don't know what I will give up for Lent" yet.

How about you? What your personal plans and family goals these next 40 days of Lent?

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  1. Last year was my first since 2011 not to be pregnant or nursing during Lent. I try my best with fasting but blood sugar issues make it iffY, and I try to keep in mind if I have to break my fast there are other food sacrifices to make. Also, I remember reading a BIS devotional lately about taking Lent as it comes- we can plan but sometimes pregnancy, illness, etc. derail those plans and just doing our best is what we're called to do (haha, i think that was it- sleep deprivation is killing my memory!). :)


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