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// leopard flats are my fave... up there with sparkly glitter flats! //

Top, sold out, Nordstrom
Jcrew factory, flats
Black skinnies
Cardigan, this is so comfy! I have this in three colors.
bracelets, A&A

// Aviators are classic. They won't go out of style anytime soon //

I was on a brain fog this week. It is not the easiest. I had a hard night on call Monday. It has not been that bad for sometime. When it rains, it pours eh?  I had 3-4 hours of broken sleep. I went to clinic for a full day on Tuesday.

I was supposed to meet the  fam at the Northeast side of town for dinner bec hubs took the car to Costco to check the tires for leaks. I knew that I just had to go home because by 3p on Tuesday, I was running out of steam and ready to go to bed. I was petering out. It took a couple more minutes to finish a dictation. Putting words together was a TASK when you're sleep-deprived. So I went home and did not meet the fam (plus they were waiting for 2 hours anyway, stuck in Costco) They ate Costco pizza and hotdog and went shopping.

After dinner on Tuesday, I had the "second-wind" phenomenon and was able to stay up  and finish my presentation.

Wednesday came and I survived morning clinic. I gave my seizure lecture to the physical medicine and rehab residents and went home just in time to feed the children for early dinner. Candy is such an awesome motivator (except it gives cavities!) I haven't seen them eat that fast EVER! They did not fuss or fight or get up from their seats to dance and run. They ate and finished their meal.

We went for trick-or-treating as Harry Potter characters.
Have you seen our  family photo on instagram?

Derrick looked more like Moses than Dumbledore. He needs a wizard hat! I will make that happen when we repeat these costumes for Belle's parth.
Lucy looked more like a princess or poppy (because of her halloween basket) instead of Ginny at the ball.

My favorite is Bastian's costume. He came up with the idea to be Hedwig for Halloween.

Thursday, today was a full day. A regular day in the secular world, but not for us. It's the feast of All Saints. We remember all the saints in heaven, who had been here in this world,just like us. But now  they are in pure joy with Christ in heaven. That is the goal. That is the reward at the end of the race.

My older three went to Mass twice today. I hope that means extra grace and blessing for my older three!

Today felt like a Friday. I needed that Friday to come because this week was hard. It's kind of normal for a working mom of 5. But harder when I am functioning with a sleep-deprived brain.

Happy Friday Eve to all. Happy Feast of all the Saints!

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