fascinator close up + Lucas

fascinator ~ let's be twins and get it here!
Lipstick, MAC limited edition shade
Rest of outfit details ~ blogged here.

This is Lucas' first Easter. Last year, he was in the belly. He was not able to participate with most of the kiddie activities. He just watched his sibs hunt for all those chocolate-filled eggs.  He wanted to join them in the bounce house. But it's not safe for an infant with all the school-aged children going crazy in there (3 of whom are mine).

We took a photo with the Easter Bunny. He did not cry! He squirmed a lot though.

Photos are tough with this little guy. He is more interested with the squirrels and birds. Why not, right? They are obviously more interesting creatures than the camera.

I love his expression looking up at me and that huge white thing on the top of my head. I bet he is as confused as everybody else at church (?) Two parishioners complimented my headpiece. I told them, I decided to go all out and I did. It's Easter anyway.

Are you for headpieces or not?
Rosie has influenced me to wear a fascinator. Just look at her rocking fascinators here. I am linking up with her on her final edition of My Sunday Best.

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