My Favorite Time of the Day

Just like most working moms, my favorite time of the day is pick-up time. Seeing my kids' faces light up as I enter the classroom is heart melting. It's my reward for the day: to pick up my babies and take care of them. It's my reward after taking care of other children for an entire day.

Mornings are chaotic (again just like in most American households). Thanks to my husband who is generous of his time to go out of his way to drop off the children in the morning.

Daniel used to be in a day care near our house. I did not get to drop off as I left around 6:30a and daycare #1 was still closed. Derrick also picked him up for the first 9 months because by the time I get off work, drive back home, it's pretty much closing time for the daycare. I was so excited once Daniel transfered to his current school. It's 10 minutes from my work (less than that when it's not rush hour!) and I get to pick him up! pick up time became our bonding time! The school the kids are in offer extended hours (opens at 6:30a and closes at 7p). It is affiliated to the hospital system catering to nurses and doctors' schedules, etc. Just because they offer extended hours does not mean Belle and Daniel stay there that long! Derrick drops them off just so they are not there before 7 (which is pretty much the start of my workday).

I am cranky, sad and depressed when I get off work late and I cannot pick them up. I don't mind working late because I do my enjoy my job. I just wish I get off "on-time" to pick up the kids. I hate driving from work with an empty back seat.... No singing in the car. No baby coos. No dancing with upbeat pop songs. My hubby picks them up and swings by the school just so Isabel and Daniel do not have to spend any more second in the school. They spend more than enough time there already and it's the guilt that pushes me to ask Derrick to pick them up although I know it will be a  sad drive home for me.

But today, it's one happy drive home for mummy, Daniel and Isabel. And I am thankful for this kind of afternoon!

No... I don't text and drive, nor do I "take a picture and drive".
Taken on our driveway as soon as we arrived at home.
Where is Belle? Behind me....
Happy afternoon!
My favorite time of the day.

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