1/2 year old Belle

I am 1/2 year old! Here are some of my recent pix taken from my mummy's phone cam.

I like posing for the camera. Look at my smile. 

 My dad knows how to accessorize. He was the one that added the pink bow to this outfit!

 Hello mummy. I see you.

 I am driving my mum's big truck! See if you can spot her favorite Kitty on the steering wheel!

 This time, it was my Kuya Daniel that's driving a yellow beetle. Taken at a yogurt place one hour south of Savannah.

 I love my Kuya. He has this special voice just for me. He updates my mummy with what I am doing.
"Mummy, Isabel face sun"
"Mummy, Isabel crying"
"Mummy, Isabel happy"

Other cool notes:
  • I started eating solids! I love squash. Peaches not so much.
  • I can sit on my own without support.
  • I have been scooting on my back, usually when I am upset, crying and wanted to be picked up.
  • I started rolling over over a month ago.
  • I went on my first family vacation to St. Simons GA. I survived 30 hours of driving -- that's almost 2 days stuck in a carseat! No wonder I cried and cried on day 2 of drive back to Indiana.
  • The first beach I visited was St. Simons East Beach in coastal GA.
And here's a picture of my mummy when Papi and I visited her at work.
I just found out today that starting December 2012 (after I turn a year old) my mummy will start taking "home call". Her last "in-hospital" overnight over 24 hour call will be in November. What a great birthday present for me... and a great Thanksgiving present for her!


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