Down South Y'all

Sunday: I got done fairly early post-call. We hit the road by noon! All in all, the kids did well the first day of driving. That's 8 hours from Indy to Asheville!
Daniel loved the tunnels while we drove through the Smokey mountains. I enjoyed seeing the clouds (smoke/fog) so close to us and the mountains.

Monday: 6.5 hours of driving and finally made it to St. Simons GA! We stopped more frequently this second day of driving. Isabel finally figured out that she was in her carseat >2-3 hours at a time without getting picked up.

Tuesday: We went to St Simons East Beach. The boys loved, loved, looooovvveeeddddd the beach. Such a big sandbox for them. The water was still pretty cold. Dean was the only one who swam…. period. He turned into the lobster man after a day at the beach.

My big boy loving the heat and the sand


St Simons Pier

Mummy and Daniel

Wednesday: We braved another day of driving. But this time around, it was only 2 hours to Savannah. The big to-do for the day was to dine at "The Lady and Sons" restaurant by Paula Deen. It was humid and sunny that day with thunderstorms in the afternoon. I blamed it on the weather and I bought a souvenir bright pink Paula Deen umbrella. I have been buying souvenir umbrellas from places I visit. It started in Venice Italy (2004) when it was drizzling a little bit, then Walt Disney World (2008), NYC (2010) and now Savannah (2012). I am going to make a tradition now and buy inexpensive umbrellas as souvenirs.

Baby knocked out after lunch

Happy and Fed Tourists
 Thursday: Half an hour south of St Simons is Jekyll Island. We visited the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation and Hospital. The sea turtles acquired injuries from propellers, cars, dehydration, malnutrition. One had a spinal cord compression and required steroids. More than one had air in their abdominal cavity that required needle decompression. Weights velcroed on their shells were used for diving therapy. Without the ability to dive, turtles cannot find food and will die of malnutrition.

The rest of the day was spent at Jekyll Island Beach.

Friday: Our last day at St. Simons was spent at the….. BEACH. Where else?

Nobody wanted to cook anymore for dinner…. Nobody was excited either to eat leftovers. We were lucky to find this BBQ place on our way back to the condo. Guy Fieri from Food Network stopped by this famous place. The food was delicious, yummy Southern BBQ to the core!

Saturday: Our first day of driving back to Indy started. We stopped by Augusta and visited the St. Louis home! It was a bittersweet goodbye for everyone. I miss having my sister around.

Sunday: Mother’s Day was spent driving, driving and more driving. We took a detour on our detour because of a big accident on I-65 in KY near Mammoth Cave. It was a multivehicle crash and the interstate was closed for at least 6 hours. Mom stayed optimistic saying: it’s an adventure, while we navigate through windy county and state roads.

Since it was Mother’s day, restaurants were full with long waits. So we picked this place: Coconut Bay CafĂ© thinking we can get seafood.... Once inside, we found out it’s a restaurant by day, and bar with a dance floor at night! We took my mom on Mother’s Day to a bar!!!

What’s the next adventure for the Delima’s? You bet we already have plans for our next family trip!

--> Where was your most recent family vacation? Was it a new place for the family or a favorite annual vacation spot? What did you do?

Note: Links on this entry are from my sister's blog. Her pictures are WAY better than mine.

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