Wild World of Neurology

I picked up the kids early from day nursery so I could study more at home for the RITE (residency in-training exam). Plus, I want to work out today. I skipped yesterday because  we attended Mass on Ash Wednesday and had a pretty late dinner at Sakura! It was sushi time since the Delima family abstained from meat.

What's running through my head right now:

The brachial plexus - a high yield must-know structure #1. These are the nerves that innervate your upper limbs.

Circle of Willis - must-know structure #2. Thanks to Dr. DeMyer, I am able to draw this by heart thinking of it like an insect! see the legs? the antenna? how about its big eyes (Internal carotid arteries)?

Let's not forget neurophysiology. Here's a bad,bad EEG. see this -- it's abnormal. and unfortunately I see kids with EEGs like this.

Of course neuroimaging. I am just blown away that we could see the brain of a live person without dissecting or opening the skull. AMAZING!

Quick note: Herniated cerebellum equals not good.

If you are still reading, thanks for letting me show you the wild world of neurology.
Now, I should stop blogging and do more studying.

First 3 picts and last pict from wiki. Picture with brain lesion from mayoclinic website.


  1. What does the EEG indicate?

  2. the eeg shows hyparrhythmia --> very abnormal eeg, bad seizures. sorry it took me 2 mos to answer your ques. @GUM


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