Loving every minute of my leave

I have been home for 11 weeks now. It has been 11 weeks since this cutie pie was born! He is getting so big. His current weight:12 lbs 7 oz. He needs 3 more oz and he'd double his birthweight.

We are making good use of our time together. I, as his mummy, am learning about him; definitely building this loving, strong attachment that will grow even stronger even when I go back to work.

Daniel and I have been attending a new mom class at the hospital where he was born. It's nice to connect with other moms and share ideas. We talked about preparing family meals today. Other topics we have discussed included: babyproofing the house, introducing solids, taking care of mom, parenting according to your baby's temperament. This free class is led by a peds nurse practitioner.


Love ya mum.

I will miss this lovely, handsome face! (when I go back to work)

This smile was for his dad! How heavenly.

"The colts were winning anyway, so I am taking a nap!"

The Delima family wore their Colts outfit!
Thanks Derrick for taking this picture!

Derrick is crazy for this little one.

Derrick's loves.

Derrick and I are celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary tomorrow. Having Daniel is definitely another milestone in our lives together. We are grateful to have each other and this little one.

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