First week of school

Today is my 3rd day in school at Bishop Chatard Trojan Tots. I love mornings. When my mum and dad drop me off, I give everybody a big smile and tons of giggles. I have been going half days this week. The real, full-day thing is on Friday when my mum is officially going back to work.
I am still not fond of the bottle but I am working on it. I cry and cry a lot looking for my mum. So far, I have only taken 1/2 oz when my mum leaves me for half a day. Today is a slightly longer day. She has meetings at work, so I won't see her until after lunch. oh boy, I do need to take the bottle if I am really hungry!
Look at my 49ers hat from my Lolo Frank.

slightly blurry picture of me -- watching my mum eat breakfast.

Another early morning picture

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