Me? a problem maker? I don't think so...

I love this outfit. my mum got it for me.

NFL weekend kick-off! This is my lucky bib! (Thanks to my cousins: Nathan and Brayden)

I wore this bib yesterday and Mum's team (Indianapolis Colts) and Dad's team (SF 49ers) won their first game of the regular season. Yay!

This bath thing -- I am liking it.

I am 10 lbs 12 oz. check out my chubby cheeks.

This pict was taken at Auntie Vani's wedding last Labor Day weekend. My mum's friends are pretty. Look at Auntie Hannah and her sari. Auntie Katherine is the one on the left.

This pict was taken after mum changed my diaper and clothes this morning. I had an explosion -- poopoo leaked thru my onesie, sleepsack and... my dad and mum's sheets. I was feeding when this happened. I am not a problem-maker. not at all...

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