First week alone

This week was Derrick's first week back to work. I am definitely feeling the lack of sleep. I try not to wake up Derrick at night so he could rest. But last night was tough. I slept while feeding the little one. We were in the nursery sitting on the glider. Little Daniel was safe in my arms.

Good news: Yesterday was Daniel's 1 month well child check. He is a whopping 8 pounder baby! yay! His length is 20 inches. He grew 1/2 inch in the past month! So while Derrick and I are not sleeping, our little one is sleeping and growing... not a bad trade! As my pediatrician mentioned yesterday, it will get better. I believe her. I think so too.

It is great being alone with my little one. But we do miss Derrick. Especially when my stomach is grumbling and I need a helping hand or when I desperately want to take a shower but little Daniel wants to be held. These are just selfish reasons but truly, Daniel and I miss Derrick. 3 hours at night are not enough for spending time with Derrick. We will make it up this weekend!

Baby D had his pictures taken this past weekend by our talented friend Hery. Here are some pix. To view more, please visit Hery's website.

Smothered with kisses

Proud parents

Happy Three-gether

Daniel on mummy's lap

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