10 random things

1. Today is Tita Lady's birthday! She is 24 years old -- and that's really old compared to my age! She is pregnant. I am excited to have a cousin. I hope my cousin is a girl. (it's a surprise).

2. My baptism was last Sunday August 9th. My godmother is Heather Danda. I was hungry during the baptism so I cried and cried. But after eating, I had a great time sleeping while my family and friends ate lunch :)

3. I am 4 weeks old tomorrow.

4. My Papi remembers tummy time everyday. I actually flipped from my tummy to my back by accident. It was fun.

5. Last Thurs, I was 7 lbs 10 oz.

6. My next well child check up is next Thurs. I wonder what my weight will be.

7. Papi is going back to work tomorrow. Mummy and I will miss him a lot.

8. My Lola Iryn made me a cloth book: Daniel's book.

9. I am still trying out the new cool things I received before I was born. This was the first time I did not cry when I was placed on the swing.

10. Got milk???

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