Married for 1000 days

July 3, 2009 - Derrick and I have been married for 1000 days. (It's like commemorating the 100th episode of a TV show or something). I did not even know that July 3rd was our 1000th day as Mr. and Mrs. Delima but we ended up spending the entire day together. It's his day off and my day off. We had brunch (pancakes and nutella crepes!) then we picked up the dresser for Daniel's room and then we went to the movies. I love days like that with my hubby.

I am so blessed to have him. I love him more and more each day.

Here are some pictures throughout the 1000 days.


Our home after signing the deed

Another honeymoon in Tampa/Orlando

Hawaii trip -- our 3rd honeymoon

WDW 2008, for Derrick's birthday

2nd year anniversary dinner

First year anniversary in Michigan

Honeymoon in Paris, Versailles Palace

First steps as Mr. and Mrs. Delima

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