2 weeks left and counting

Hello everybody-
I am still inside my mummy. She is 38 weeks + 2 days today. I am due to be born on July 28th. But I like surprises and I can come anytime now. The last time mum went to her doctor, she was not even close to delivering me. She is going back to see the doctor today.

I keep reminding my mum (by kicking her and moving her belly) that she needs to s--l---ooo----www down. She is trying to be Wonderwoman or something. I am proud of her though. She still works out, lifts 2 lbs of weights, squats, bridges, tries to walk around the block s---u----p-----e---r slow. But her hips are her main aches. They are expanding in preparation for my delivery. She cannot tolerate long periods of time in one position -- whether it is sitting, standing, lying down. Her hips love the exercise ball though. She watered her colorful flowers yesterday and she was aching after the chore. Thanks to Papi: he saw her struggling with the hose and he came out and helped her finish the watering.

Mum is still working until I decide to come out. Her last day of work is on July 26th. She works half the time at home and half the time at the Neuro clinic doing her research. She ran errands today besides reading a few articles. One stop was the Trojan Tots Preschool and Child Care Ministry at Bishop Chatard Highschool next to our Church (Christ the King). I have a spot there already when mum goes back to work.

Things I love: exercising my legs! I love to kick, punch and make funny shapes on my mummy's belly. I can make her belly look like a football if I want to. Most of the time, her belly looks like a basketball though.

My most active time: I am awake around 5p-8p dinner time! I also know when she is retiring for the day. That's when I make her belly bounce!

Hoping to see the world soon!
lots of love,

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