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 I am regularly giving updates on my instagram but micro-blogging does not replace REAL blogging.

So here's a fast-speed recap of the past 37 weeks.

First trimester ~
The all-day nausea was present. The hyper-sensitive sense of smell was overpowering. Reflux for some reason started  early and I had to avoid anything with tomatoes, tomato sauce, red bell peppers and spicy food.  Good thing Zantac was helpful (Ranitidine OTC).  I barely gained any weight but that's ok. I did not lose all of the pregnancy weight after Lucas.

I craved gala apples and bacon. Those two things (weird combo I know) were my go-to bedtime snack.

Medical concerns:
My BP was very labile! My blood pressure readings went up to the 140s but did not stay there. Once repeated at the very end of the visit, BP goes down to the 130s. My OB asked for a 24 hour urine sample to check if I am spilling (urinating) too much protein. I was not a good patient. I kept forgetting to collect 24 hours worth of urine. Finally my OB just got a random, spot urine sample along with my serum protein. Both were within normal limits. No more 24 hour urine collection for me!

I am already advanced maternal age (hello age 35 years or older!) I missed the window for serum AFP (to check for markers of Down syndrome) and then kept forgetting to go to my insurance's preferred lab to do the genetic screen to look for other chromosomal abnormalities. What a rebel. I did not do the genetic screen. I discussed that with Derrick and with the normal ultrasound at 20 weeks anyway (normal anatomy scan) we did not see anything concerning. We are not going to abort the baby if we find out that he has Trisomy 13, 18 or 21. We would only want that info to be "prepared" for the congenital abnormalities that come with chromosomal abnormalities. If we need to go to the higher level maternity care (high risk OB ward with a NICU and cardiovascular surgeon present).

Second trimester ~
It is truly the best trimester. I got my energy and appetite back. I slowly gained some weight.
My BP has been pretty cooperative (thankfully) and no more BP readings above 130 systolic (YAY!)

I had my anatomy scan (as I mentioned above) and we found out that we are having our 4th boy! Baby Nash. We had a gender reveal for the children and broadcasted it on instagram and facebook live for our family to see (here in the US, and overseas).

Medical concerns:
I failed my one hour glucola test by~15 points. I had to do the three hour glucose test. EEEEK.
I failed the one hour reading by 15-20 points, then numbers were normal at 2 hour post glucola and my Blood sugar went below normal range after 3 hours.

I started checking my blood sugar after the diagnosis was made. oh that first pin prick! So terrifying. Come to think of it, I do not have needle phobia. Just the fact that I am pricking myself freaked me out. I am used to other people drawing my blood.

That terrifying first time is all but a memory. I am a pro at using the tiny 30 gauge lancet to check my blood glucose 4x per day. I am all diet controlled. Even before I failed the test, I have been avoiding very sweet items because I do not feel good after eating them. Y'all know how much I love my chocolates and ice cream. So avoiding them (even before diagnosis) was truly a sign that my body/this pregnancy wants me to watch out the carb-loaded foods.

I love salads. I don't eat a lot of rice. I avoid too much pasta, noodles and other carb-heavy items. Clementines became my go-to dessert!
At this point, I gave up bacon and apples.

Third trimester ~
I have been going to the OB for nonstress test every week since 29 weeks. That's when I am strapped down for 30-35 minutes  with the ultrasound checking baby's heart rate and the tocometer checking for contractions. Baby Nash is rocking the test. He has heart rate variability which we want to see. I am having small contractions detected by the tocometer. Initially, I thought the discomfort was just me wanting to empty my bladder HA! that was at 29-30 weeks. It was actually brief Braxton Hicks. There's no denying the discomfort of Braxton Hicks now.  I have them quite frequently in the past 3 weeks, specially at the end of the day. My late afternoons and evenings are uncomfortable with Baby Nash stretching a lot.

I have ligamentous pain. My belly feels heavy.
I also have awful insomnia that has kicked in during week 35. No wonder I can nap for 3 hours when I try to "Catch up" on my sleep.

Just this past week, my lower back has been bothering me. I was thankful I did not have the low back pain early on like with Lucas. But that LBP is here now. Hubs give me massages every night. Lucky me.

Overall medical concerns:
BP within normal range
Blood sugars within normal range, diet controlled
Ultrasound at 35 weeks noted that Baby Nash is at the 80th percentile. I don't quite believe it. Ultrasounds at third trimester are notorious for being off. He could be 1/2 lb smaller (or bigger). I will go with 1/2 lb smaller. So instead of 80th percentile, he is probably just average. That is still big for an Asian Filipino baby.
No plans for induction bec my numbers are looking great ~ Blood pressure, blood sugars, urinalysis, weight gain, nonstress test.

I have three more clinics to go. Yay! I am working till I deliver. I don't have any scheduled clinics after Tues 6/18 but I am still covering our hospital.

Asking for prayers for a healthy last couple of weeks of pregnancy and a safe delivery.
Thanks for reading this LONG update (it was not a fast recap at all).

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  1. What an update! I had to do the 3 hour glucose test for my second baby, but thankfully was able to pass it. I remember how strong those Braxton Hicks can get! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

  2. I failed the glucose test with my last boy (the 4th) and had to do all the extra visits since I was 42 when I had him! Definitely harder as you get older but he was worth every bit of discomfort. I've never done the 10 week chromosomal test either.


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