my strength ~ how I survived my monday

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I was so anxious all day Sunday dreading the first day back to school and working on Monday. See, I am spoiled with this part-time work. I usually have Mondays off. It is a part of my weekend. However, once a month, since I am in a multidisciplinary clinic, I come in on a Monday.

So Sunday came. It was the last day of a two-week Christmas break. I voiced out my anxious thoughts to my husband, even at dinner. He gave me the shhh look because I said it around the children.

Seek 2019 was in Indy over the weekend. 18000 registrants (primarily college students) were in Indianapolis for the biennial conference. The talks were streamed live on YouTube and FB. After dinner, I caught Chris Stefanick's talk. It was ending but I was able to rewind the video to the beginning.

Give thanks in all circumstances. 
I followed the Scripture I have known for a long, long time. But did I ever practice it before? I thought I did. But truly, I did not say thanks in ALL circumstances.

Giving thanks for blessings and happy times is easy. But that's not what St. Paul meant.
Not just during good times.
But in ALL circumstances. Even those annoying times. The anxiety-plagued days. Amidst the stress.

So that's what I did. My prayer that night centered on my anxious thoughts and thanked the Lord. Thank you for Monday. Thank for a new week. Thank you for my job to serve others outside of the home. Thank for my children's teachers and parochial school. Thank you for the morning.

I am not a morning person. People see me in the morning peppy and everything. But they don't know the struggle of getting up early. I am a night-owl. I can stay up late. My most productive study sessions in high school and college and medical school were late nights.

Guess what friends, come Monday morning. I did not HIT the snooze button 5x (only once! I am slowly getting there) The children were not late for school. I got through clinic. My Monday was not as anxiety-plagued... Because I chose to find joy and gratitude in the Lord. By thanking him in ALL circumstances.

I wrote this here to share with y'all but also to remind me. There will be days and seasons that I will need to be reminded of this Scripture again. I know I will need it.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

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