Special handling

*** I wanted to post this while over in the Philippines. But I could not upload photos... I am now 29 weeks. ***

KSNY tote
necklace and earrings, souvenir from Palawan
cuff bracelet, gift from my Lola Wenny

Quick post for the 28 week belly.
~Pregnant ladies get the same priority as senior citizens and those with disability. We can board the plane before everybody else. I can also bypass the line at the restroom and use the handicapped stall. They even offered me wheelchair use. i didn't take that offer since I have to walk off the sweets and shakes I've been eating.
~ I have been drinking lots of mango shake ~ yum. Mangoes here are so sweet!
~ luckily, I had a quick weight and BP check and I didn't gain weight since leaving the US. Philippine  airlines is so picky with pregnant women flying with them. Since I'm over 6 mos gestation, I needed a special form and medical clearance from the airline doctors.
~ I visited northern Luzon and also the island of Palawan.
~ I cannot believe I'm leaving in a few days. This trip is going by so fast.

Pregnant women are under the special handling group.

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