the red cape and the boys {wiws}

This weekend was not supposed to be my weekend to work. Thanks to one of my colleagues for switching a June weekend. It ended up being a good trade. I was not first call. So besides transfer calls from outside hospitals, I was not paged much. I also had a PGY5 (post graduate year 5) resident with me. She is less than 6 months from finishing her training. She took care of the 4 new patients Saturday.

We have to be thankful for the little things too. Like going to Mass without getting paged! (virtual high five to all!)

I want to give kudos to my husband for taking care of the babies all weekend long. He even took them to the park Sunday morning because the temps were in the 50s! He had to push all 3 kids on the swing, which prompted my eldest to say: Mommy should be here to help push!

well, son... sometimes, mommy has to go to work.

Overall, I want to give this weekend an A. To celebrate finishing my weekend obligations, we also had our agape group Sunday night. I brought this. I love our small group.

Red cape ~ similar // Gap sweater // Target pants // Dansko Mary Janes

Look at this little boy's balance.

Janie and Jack jacket via ThredUp // StrideRite hand-me-downs from his older bro

we washed his hands before heading to church. Don't worry. 

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  1. Love that red cape- so fun!

  2. I went out and bought that cape the first time I saw you wear it. I got the camel color ;) Also, I can't wait to wear it...just waiting until this baby pops out so I don't look like a huge tent! ha.

  3. You look wonderful!! I adore the red, and it looks fabulous on you! Thank you so much for linking up. :)


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